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The Story of a Mualaf
Tuesday - September 29, 2009

Ramadhan has become a great moment for Al Hikmah Junior High School’s students. A lot of events were held, starting from gathering with orphans to talk show. Attractively, talk show in the beauty of guidance where a mualaf share his story in theatre building of Al Hikmah (Thursday, Sept. 10).  

Ahmad Haryono Ong, organizer of Masjid Cheng Ho, and also the lecture of Airlangga University told his experience in knowing Islam. “I remember when I was 12 years old, I heard azan in Shubuh, and my heart was beating,” said Ustad Ong. Meanwhile, he never felt this way before. “It’s a guidance, I used to not knowing the meaning of ‘Allahu Akbar’. I just felt comfort at the moment. This feeling lasted for 3 days.” 

A few days later, little Ong stated his feeling to his parents. At the moments, my families’ heart was opened by Allah. “No one forbid me convert to Islam.” Nevertheless, said Ong, his father only gave a message, “If you really want to convert to Islam, convert with all your heart. Don’t put Islam only as your ID card’s identity,” said Ong repeated his father’s advice. 

Finally, little Ong pronounce the Islam profession of faith, in the place he heard azan for the first time. Ong learned Islam with all his strength. Nevertheless, his parents put him into Immanuel Christian’s school when he was junior high school. Luckily, he met a kind-hearted Arabic. “Abu Hanifah take me into MAN Malang (Islamic Senior High School), after graduated he take me into Gontor.”

Ong has become a tough guy in learning Islam. In Gontor, he became teaching staff, his duty is taking care of teaching process. “Ong is very extraordinary. By standing in masjid, all of Gontor’s students are quiet,” said ustad Nasihin, teacher of Al Hikmah Junior High School.

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